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North Star Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. offers several services to help you get the most out of your air conditioning and heating system. Check out the services offered to see if we can help you maintain maximum comfort and performance with your system.

Service Calls

We all know there isn't a machine made that doesn't have the possibility of breaking down, and that the breakdown will no doubt occur when it's unexpected. We service/ repair most makes and models of residential units including heat pumps, packaged units, mobile home packaged and split systems, and straight heating and cooling systems.


A clean system is the major key in equipment performance and life span. You wouldn't run your car with dirty filters and oil and expect it to last, so why would you want to do the same with your heating and cooling system? Proper maintenance and cleaning can help save you money in operating costs and stretch your hard earned dollars farther. Simple items such as a dirty filter can cause your system to run longer than usual and use more electricity than a system with a clean filter. Dirty coils and blowers have the same effect and can also cause the outside unit to run longer, work harder, and shorten the life span of the whole system. A dirty system can also cause mold and mildew to eventually grow within your inside unit and spread to the ductwork. And guess where that leads!

We are capable of performing minor cleaning to full blown cleanups with the equipment to help you get the most out of your system.

Equipment Replacement

Are your power bills steadily increasing? Is your system "older than Father Time" and costing you an arm and a leg in repairs? Does your outside unit sound like a freight train and keeping the whole neighborhood awake at night? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to call us for a system analysis.
We'll help you decide which route to take when replacing your old worn-out units and offer options and suggestions you may not realize were available, and we offer several brands of top performing equipment for your comfort needs. We are an authorized American Standard dealer and are proud to offer this brand as our main line. We also carry Rheem and Payne as other popular selections. Whatever your preference and budget, let us help you select the right equipment for your needs.


A system can only perform as well as the ductwork allows. Read on and answer the following questions.

  1. Do you have certain rooms that are warmer or cooler than others, even after the equipment has been service or adjusted for more airflow?
  2. Do you have to keep the thermostat adjusted lower or higher than usual (depending on the season) just to get certain rooms to feel comfortable?
  3. Are you closing off certain registers or grilles to force more air into other rooms?
  4. Does the house feel "unbalanced" or have noticeable temperature differences from one end of the house to the other?
  5. Can you feel air leaks around your duct connections or seams in the attic?
  6. Do your grilles "whistle " or "howl" or feel weak when the system is on?
  7. Do you have dust or dirt on the ceiling at the grille locations?
  8. Can you detect odors and unusual smells when the system first comes on?

If you ansered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you may have a duct problem. A homes comfort depends on the ability of the ductwork to effectively distribute the conditioned air to the rooms in the proper porportions (volume) and velocity (speed). A properly balanced system eliminates hot spots and uneven airflow. The whole house should feel the same temperature from one side to the other, with certain limits to the contents of the dwelling. If you have dirt around the grilles, then chances are very good that you have dirt in the duct system. Options are to either replace the ducts or have the ducts cleaned by a reputable duct cleaning company.

Our duct installations are available for existing homes and new homes under construction. We specialize in rigid trunkline systems that provide a better airflow and balance, using the best available materials on the market today. Give us a call and ask what we can do for you.

Air Purification

North Star is proud to announce that we are taking on and making available a line of air purification products. These products are designed to help control odors, purify and sanitize inside air, help eliminate and/ or control mold and bactial growth, and provide an inside environment that is healthier and easier to breath in. Ask us about these products and how you can get a free in-home demonstration.

Craftsmanship Quality

We've all heard this one before. Everyone claims to be a master at their profession. But how many of them actually take photo shots of the job before and after the job is completed?
Seeing is believing. Ask to see our job photo's. No guess work on your part. And while your on this website, check out the customer recommendations and the photo's that we did supply.
We must be doing something right!

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